Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs: Power Profile #006-Ice Diamond

Beatrix Kalte aka Ice Diamond

Gender: Female

Power Classification: Machinist/Enhanced

Sub-Category: Elemental Gadgeteer

Power Level: C-Class

Location: Operates in the Midwest. Currently at-large.

Affiliations: Solo Operator

Powers: Various devices that allow for the creation of various cold-related phenomenon. Her main weapon is her “Ice Gun”.


Ice Diamond (hereafter referred to as I.D.) is a 30-year-old former weapons researcher for BranTech Industries. Her area of expertise lay in using cold-based phenomena as a means to shape and control future battlefields. On her 26th birthday, her family surprised her in her lab. It is unclear exactly what happened, but footage shows that her youngest son, Jakob, went unsupervised long enough to mix some volatile chemicals.

Ten people died in the ensuing explosion, and I.D. fell into a coma. She awoke two months later with a marked shift in personality and physiology. The chemicals leached all pigment from her skin and left her with enhanced strength. When informed of her family’s and co-worker’s demise, she went on a rampage in the hospital, injuring several doctors, nurses and security before making her escape.

She appeared five months later with her current nom de guerre in an attack on a BranTech research facility. She attacked at night, as her skin is now pained by sunlight, and murdered whomever she found, mostly security and janitorial services. After that attack, she fashioned a suit that would protect her from the sun’s harmful effect.

I.D. directed her next attack BranTech corporate headquarters, located in Chicago. She was foiled in her attempt by the hero, Boost (see Power Profile: Boost). During her trial I.D. was found mentally incompetent and was sentenced to The Ravenswood Institution for the Criminally Insane, the maximum security mental institution for powereds.

I.D. recently escaped and her whereabouts are unknown. It is believed she is heading back to Chicago for a second attempt on BranTech Industries or a confrontation with Boost. Possibly both.

Relationships: Johann Kalte-husband (deceased), Katrina Kalte-daughter (deceased), Jakob Kalte-son (deceased), Karl Astor-father (not believed to be in contact), Hilda Astor-mother (not believed to be in contact)

Threat Level: Orange

I.D. is an active threat targeting research and industry vital to our military infrastructure. Her strength is formidable, but it is her engineering genius that serves as the biggest threat. All due caution should be exercised when trying to apprehend her. Powered backup is advised when possible.


Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs: Power Profile #005-Boost

Tara Jean (TJ) Acevedo-Torres aka Boost

Gender:  Female

Power Classification: Innate

Sub-category: Speedster

Power Level: B-Class

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Affiliations: The Keepers of the Gateway (affiliate membership), Equality NOW

Powers: Super-speed. Boost has been clocked at speeds of up to 500 m.p.h.


An 24-year-old Innate, Boost is one of the rare true speedsters in the world (speedster being defined as self-propelled movement of 250 m.p.h. or greater). She originally comes from Los Angeles, but her family moved to Chicago when Boost turned 12. Her powers manifested at age 14 during a robbery of a store she was shopping in.

Boost’s parents immediately enrolled her in the Academy, where she joined with the TeenTeam (see Power Profile: TeenTeam). She served with that team for three years and graduated from the Academy with Honors. She moved back to Chicago, where she acts as a solo hero.

With her speed she also serves with The Keepers of the Gateway (see Power Profile: K.O.G.), based out of St. Louis, as an affiliate member.

Boost also actively works with Equality NOW, an non-profit organization that deals with a variety of civil rights issues, but focuses mainly on LGBT issues.

Boost has made many contacts in her 10 years as a hero and is a respected member of the Powered community.

Relationships: Maria Acevedo-Wife, Reyna Acevedo-Daughter, Professor Quark-Leader of K.O.G., Rockslide-Member of K.O.G., FastTrack-Member of K.O.G., StormCell-Member of K.O.G., Flora-Member of K.O.G., Fauna-Member of K.O.G., numerous contacts with various heroes (see various Power Profiles for more analysis).

Threat Level: Yellow

Boost’s speed makes her a tactical planning nightmare. Her reflexes, heightened to a level able to deal with super-speed, make her almost impossible to hit. Her speed makes her almost impossible to defend against. Add in her activism and her contacts in the powered community, and her potential to cause trouble for the government is high.

Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs: Power Profile #004-Aeromancer

Tad Whitemore III aka Aeromancer

Gender:  Male

Power Classification: Innate

Sub-category: Elemental control

Power Level: B-Class

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Affiliations: The Preservers (see Power Profile: Preservers)

Powers: Aerokinetic, which gives him control over air. This ability allows for flight and creation of any air (wind) based phenomenon, including tornadoes. He can force the air to become denser, creating an almost impenetrable shield, or cause it to dissipate, depriving an enemy of oxygen.


Aeromancer is the son of the prominent Chicago businessman, Tad Whitemore II, and grew up in the lap of luxury. He attended the best schools and had every opportunity to succeed. Yet, he didn’t. Aeromancer is not a very bright individual and only passed high school due to his father’s money and influence.

Despite his intellectual deficits, his father gave him a high-level position within his company. Aeromancer kept that position despite numerous sexual harassment suits brought against him, again, due to his father. His only real accomplishment came when he foiled his own kidnapping by manifesting his powers.

His psych profile suggests that Aeromancer is cruel and sadistic, with a hatred of women that is almost pathological. It was the recommendation of the FBSA that Aeromancer not be certified to operate. We were overruled.

He leads a team called the Preservers, based out of Chicago. This group is comprised of powers hired by Tad Whitemore II to give his son, and by extension the Whitemore name, the prestige of leading a team.

The team as a whole has done some good, but scandal constantly plagues it. Due mostly to Aeromancer’s antics. Many of his “arrests” are suspect, as are the “confessions” he has elicited.

Relationships: Tad Whitemore II (father), Rapidfire (teammate), Umbra (teammate), Tek-Knight (teammate)-see individual Power Profiles for more information

Threat Level: Yellow

Aeromancer by himself only rates a level Blue threat warning, yet he is rarely by himself. The team his father has surrounded him with effectively act as bodyguards/nannies, and are well-paid to follow Aeromancer’s lead. Fortunately, Tad Whitemore II has yet to find a magician willing to join the Preservers. If he ever does find one, the threat level will be moved to Orange.

Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs: Power Profile #003-Celia

Cybernetically Engineered Life-form: Android aka Celia

Gender:  N/A although it is created to look female

Power Classification: Enhanced

Sub-category: Artificial Life Form

Power Level: B-Class

Location: Springfield, Illinois

Affiliations: Stargazer, Alien Intervention Service, no team affiliations

Powers: Enhanced strength, speed, agility and durability. Her eyes function as concussive blasters.


Celia is the creation of the machinist Julie Pierce (see Power Profile: Stargazer). Celia acts as a combination bodyguard, traveling companion and confidant during Miss Pierce’s travels. Celia is objectively more powerful than her creator, but seems wholly devoted. The pair of them have been a boon to the creation and rise of the Alien Intervention Service. Celia serves, along with her creator, as that branch’s most capable agents.

Relationships: Celia’s main relationship is with her creator, Julie Pierce (Stargazer). She seems to remain aloof to Miss Pierce’s other relationships.

Threat Level: Blue

While Celia is more powerful than her creator, her lack of human imagination lessens her threat. She shares the same threat-level as her creator.

Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs: Power File #002-Magus

Roger Cormoran aka The Magus

Gender: Male

Power Classification: Magician

Sub-category: Generalist

Power Level: A-class

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Affiliations: None

Powers: The Magus is the premier magic user among the powers. He has access to spells unknown to other magicians, as well as innumerable magic items. With his magic he can imitate any known power.


The Magus is the “Master-Mage” of our dimension, or at least that is the claim. He is a Boston native that has transplanted himself to a “magical nexus” conveniently located near his beloved Chicago Cubs. Not much is known about The Magus and it is believed Roger Cormoran is also an alias to hide his “true name”.

Relationships: The Magus is acquainted with most of the powers, but there is no evidence of any deeper relationships.

Threat Level: White

The Magus is unregistered and unaffiliated with any groups. His motives and purpose are unknown. Due to his power level we are assigning him the highest threat level.


Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs: Power File #001-Stargazer

Julie R. Pierce aka Stargazer.

Gender: Female

Power Classification: Machinist

Sub-category: Suit/Gadgeteer

Power Level: C-class

Location: Springfield, Illinois

Affiliations: Alien Intervention Service, Douzeper Investigations, no team affiliations.


Miss Pierce is an unusually successful machinist. Most machinists fall rather solidly in either the Suit or Gadgeteer categories, but she legitimately belongs in both. She also created the android Celia (see Power File-Celia) to act as a bodyguard and companion. After her pivotal role in the San Francisco Affair, she was offered a position in the newly formed Alien Intervention Service.


Miss Pierce is still close with her father, while her mother passed away when she was 16. She is rarely seen without her android, Celia. She has also formed and maintained several close friendships among other, lesser, powers. Her most notable friendship is with the retired Innate hero Quickstep (see Power File-Quickstep). Her closest friendship seems to be with an Empowered private investigator (see Power File-Douzeper), to whom she gives the majority of her gadgets she doesn’t keep for her own use.

Threat Level: Blue

While cooperative and friendly at the present time, the sensitive nature of Miss Pierce’s work and the threat of her subverting our goals to her own agenda justifies the slightly elevated status.

Categories of Supers: I’m Okay – You’re Okay

I’ve mentioned several times that I’m an Empowered Champion. The Empowered Category consists of those of us who receive their powers through an outside agency that is mystic in origin. So say you’re some kid and you’re chosen to become the new super-strong, invulnerable champion of Dingus the All-Powerful, but you have to say a magic word to transform into this champion. You are an Empowered.
Or say you find Merlin’s staff and start slinging spells like the most powerful wizards. You’re still an Empowered.

On the other side of those that receive their powers from outside agencies are the Enhanced. Science gives these heroes their powers. Some are gene-engineered, some radioactive something or another bite others. If it changes your DNA, through whatever non-magical method, then you are an Enhanced.

The Innate
Innate’s are those born with their powers. Some grow up with powers, while others trigger during some stressful event later in life.

Machinists use technology to compete in the arena of super-powered combat. Some have cybernetic limbs, while others don suits of sophisticated armor.

Last, but not least, are the Magicians. As you might guess, these men and women tap into the magical tapestry of the world to create various effects. These guys are some of the most versatile heroes around.

There you have it. The five overarching categories by which all heroes and villains are classified. There are many subsets within these classifications, but I really don’t feel like going into each one right now. I’ll just say good-

What’s that? Where are the martial artists and “peak” humans? Great question, imaginary nerd! I’ll tell you where they are.

They are where they belong-at home. Comic book authors have a vested interest in portraying “normal” humans who have reached “superhuman” levels of skill. Mostly to give you, the reader, a sense of agency in your own life, as well as a sense that one of “you” is looking out for your interests among demigods.

I hate to break it to you, but Chiroptera-Man would get his caped crusading backside handed to him by anyone in any of the above categories. Heck, I could take him without any trouble, and I’ve already mentioned I’m the 98-pound weakling of superhumans. American Knight could straight up maim or kill any normal (and a few supers) with a flick of his finger.

Norms have a role to play, but that role doesn’t include the frontlines. You are the staff and support that make what we do possible. While you might not get the glory, you also don’t have to wade through sewers to fight mutated cannibalistic humans just after they’ve “enjoyed” a snack (and still not get one damn ounce of glory).

Count your blessings.