Categories of Supers: I’m Okay – You’re Okay

I’ve mentioned several times that I’m an Empowered Champion. The Empowered Category consists of those of us who receive their powers through an outside agency that is mystic in origin. So say you’re some kid and you’re chosen to become the new super-strong, invulnerable champion of Dingus the All-Powerful, but you have to say a magic word to transform into this champion. You are an Empowered.
Or say you find Merlin’s staff and start slinging spells like the most powerful wizards. You’re still an Empowered.

On the other side of those that receive their powers from outside agencies are the Enhanced. Science gives these heroes their powers. Some are gene-engineered, some radioactive something or another bite others. If it changes your DNA, through whatever non-magical method, then you are an Enhanced.

The Innate
Innate’s are those born with their powers. Some grow up with powers, while others trigger during some stressful event later in life.

Machinists use technology to compete in the arena of super-powered combat. Some have cybernetic limbs, while others don suits of sophisticated armor.

Last, but not least, are the Magicians. As you might guess, these men and women tap into the magical tapestry of the world to create various effects. These guys are some of the most versatile heroes around.

There you have it. The five overarching categories by which all heroes and villains are classified. There are many subsets within these classifications, but I really don’t feel like going into each one right now. I’ll just say good-

What’s that? Where are the martial artists and “peak” humans? Great question, imaginary nerd! I’ll tell you where they are.

They are where they belong-at home. Comic book authors have a vested interest in portraying “normal” humans who have reached “superhuman” levels of skill. Mostly to give you, the reader, a sense of agency in your own life, as well as a sense that one of “you” is looking out for your interests among demigods.

I hate to break it to you, but Chiroptera-Man would get his caped crusading backside handed to him by anyone in any of the above categories. Heck, I could take him without any trouble, and I’ve already mentioned I’m the 98-pound weakling of superhumans. American Knight could straight up maim or kill any normal (and a few supers) with a flick of his finger.

Norms have a role to play, but that role doesn’t include the frontlines. You are the staff and support that make what we do possible. While you might not get the glory, you also don’t have to wade through sewers to fight mutated cannibalistic humans just after they’ve “enjoyed” a snack (and still not get one damn ounce of glory).

Count your blessings.



Powers and abilities

Hi, folks! Welcome or welcome back, whatever the case may be.

It may seem like I don’t like being a “superhero” (with such optimistic previous posts I don’t know who could get that idea). But the fact is that I do like helping people. And being an Empowered hero isn’t so bad. I’m part of a (relatively) small club: those who have powers and abilities beyond most mortals.

I’ve mentioned that I’m kind of low on the power scale when measuring against other supers. I can’t fly or shoot laser beams out of any part of my body. I can’t lift a jumbo jet or aircraft carrier (at most I can pick up a VW Beetle-which makes me the guy getting sand kicked in his face of the powered set).

I can, however, see in the dark. Which might not seem like much, until you remember that I mostly fight creatures that use the cover of darkness to perpetrate their atrocities. I can also purge people of disease or injury, although I have a limit of only a few times a day. I can tell when you’re lying (benefit to having a patron who is a “god” of truth).

The flipside to that is I can’t lie, either.

That may not seem like a big deal, but try going on a date with someone who is the least bit insecure about some flaw and have them ask you about it. Most people don’t realize just how many “little white lies” we use to get through a day. Most people also think honesty is the best policy, but try telling them the unvarnished truth and see what happens. An introspective species humanity is not. Our lies, whether to others or ourselves, comfort us and allow us to cope. Or I should say “you” instead of “us” because I don’t get that comfort (and it’s also the reason I need an agent/publicist).

I mentioned the weapon that makes me an Empowered Champion, and it has a few abilities as well. As mentioned, the blade is hardened sunlight. Sharp as a vorpal sword (shout out to my D&D peeps), but only against unnatural creatures. Against norms I can use it more like a club (cuts down on my 187’s).

Oh, I can also increase the brightness of the blade, which is handy when facing things with a vulnerability to sunlight, and also use the light from the blade to see the invisible, be it creature or spell.

So my power set is not too shabby, but it does put me firmly in the “street level” category of heroing. I leave the cosmic stuff and world saving to the big boys and girls. My focus is more on saving the individual or stopping a menace to a neighborhood.

I like doing that. What I don’t like is the manipulations and politics that come from being an Empowered, but that is a topic for another post.


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