Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs: Power File #002-Magus

Roger Cormoran aka The Magus

Gender: Male

Power Classification: Magician

Sub-category: Generalist

Power Level: A-class

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Affiliations: None

Powers: The Magus is the premier magic user among the powers. He has access to spells unknown to other magicians, as well as innumerable magic items. With his magic he can imitate any known power.


The Magus is the “Master-Mage” of our dimension, or at least that is the claim. He is a Boston native that has transplanted himself to a “magical nexus” conveniently located near his beloved Chicago Cubs. Not much is known about The Magus and it is believed Roger Cormoran is also an alias to hide his “true name”.

Relationships: The Magus is acquainted with most of the powers, but there is no evidence of any deeper relationships.

Threat Level: White

The Magus is unregistered and unaffiliated with any groups. His motives and purpose are unknown. Due to his power level we are assigning him the highest threat level.



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