Road Rash

Huh. I guess I talk quite a bit when I fight. And I have to explicitly turn off a function or dive sword-first into a gigantic undead, apparently.

Lesson learned.

So it’s now close to dawn and I’m sitting in a no-tell motel (you know-the kind with hourly rates), trying not to think about what I’m sitting in. But it’s free, courtesy of getting rid of a succubus that gave this…establishment a bad name.

I’m exhausted.

I spent most of the night going through events over and over again, first with the state police then with the FBSA. FBSA stands for Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs, if you didn’t already know. All of this was after healing the most seriously injured civilians caught up in the melee.

Life isn’t a comic book where innocents miraculously escape consequences for our actions. The worst are the little ones…

Anyway, it took hours to clear up the road, treat the injured, and give my reports. By all rights I should be unconscious, regardless of how many CSI crime scenes I would be sleeping in.

But, I can’t.

My mind is racing, and I’ve found that a distraction can help me sort things out…sometimes.

So here I am talking to you, gentle reader.

You might be wondering what exactly attacked me, so I’ll list them for you. Then I’m going to find a chair and try to catch some Z’s.


These creatures are an ancient race, characterized by having a human body with a dog’s head. For you Saint’s fans out there, Saint Christopher was said to be a Cynocephalus. But don’t be fooled by the exception, if the story is even true. Cynocephali are wild long pig eating beasts.

They were (and still are by most) thought to be wiped out, but, like many others, they just went underground. They have adapted to modern technology, which makes them all the more dangerous.


These are undead creatures that retain some intelligence and ability from their life, although they stink like zombies. They can change their size to gigantic proportions. They are stronger than me and can create weather patterns. Rolling thunderheads, for example.

They have several other abilities, but only when they act of their own volition. Things like shape-shifting, dream tampering and foresight.

The one that faced me must have been controlled, ’cause it went down way too easy.

Night Mare:

These are undead horses that have had their corpses animated by a necromancer. They do not happen spontaneously. The necromancer imbues them with various abilities. Which means that no two Night Mares are alike.

The one I fought seemed hastily created, with only flight given to it. Most are much more powerful. Plus, I’ve never heard of or seen a Night Mare not ridden by its creator.

And since I mentioned them…


Necromancers practice death magic. They create undead, summon spirits, spread disease and are generally not nice people. There are varying degrees of strength among necromancers, of course. Some struggle to animate one zombie, while others can bend even the strongest willed vampire to its knees.

My initial thought is I’m dealing with a new necromancer on the scene.

Hopefully some sleep will make me a little more clear-headed.

Until next time,





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