I’m sitting in my office in Springfield, Illinois, bored out of my gourd and playing Solitaire. I know, I know. Why would someone with superpowers live in Springfield, Illinois? I would ask, “Why not?”

No city is the center of the world, no matter how much the residents and a certain comic company think that it is. And Springfield suits my needs. Decent size, not unreasonably far from several major metropolitan areas, plus I get to see Cubs and Cards fan live harmoniously together (I said I couldn’t lie-I never said anything about sarcasm).

One of the most important factors lies in the fact that I’m the only Empowered working the right side of the law west of Cincinnati until you reach Denver, except for two in Chicago. Those two suffer from the delusion that if something doesn’t happen in a city, it doesn’t matter. And if it doesn’t happen in their city, it really doesn’t matter.

With a large chunk of the Midwest, and several major cities, as my area of operations, you might be tempted to think I have a nice office. Fight that temptation. In fact, beat that temptation like it stole something, stuff it in a can and set it on fire. I have hidden in closets larger than my office.

My desk takes up roughly half the room, and I have just enough room on my desk for a ten-year-old computer, a big black phone that belongs in a Noir movie, and a stack of bills. A file cabinet, painfully thin of files, hides the large water-stained crack in my pea-green painted wall. Two stained armchairs recovered from the side of the road and minimally restored complete the decor.

Such is the life of a super living as a private contractor.

Despite having such a large A.O., most people haven’t heard of me. That’s the reason I hired my agent, Sandy. Well, hired is a strong word. It was more like I saved Sandy from some nasty ghouls and he decided to return the favor. So he’s getting my name out there to drum up some more business. I’m not his only client by far, but I do pay the least (read:nothing), so it’s understandable I’m a bit lower on his priority list.

Which makes it all the more strange that I hear unfamiliar footsteps coming toward my door. It looks like I might actually have some clients. I’ll let you know tomorrow what happened.

Until next time,



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