Welcome to the New World

The title of this blog you are undoubtedly reading on accident probably tells you all you need to know about what you’ll find here. I mean a superhero blog, how cliche. Just another pandering low-brow geek station where Internet Tough Guys come to spew their nerd-rage about their favorite heroes (mine is American Knight btw, let the rage begin). My agent, however, thinks this would be a good idea (oddly enough, so does my therapist. Should that worry me?). Something about raising my profile by getting my story out there with everyone else’s and maybe get my name thrown around during those “greatest hero” conversations.

So here I am, or here we are, depending on whether or not anyone actually reads this. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Douzeper. If you don’t know what that means, don’t feel bad. I didn’t know either when some French reporter laid the name on me. Douzeper is a word to describe one of the twelve peers or “paladins” of Charlemagne, or at least that is what my admittedly limited Google-fu informs me it means.

It can be difficult being an American with a name based in French history. No one really knows what to expect when they hear my name. Am I a hero, a villain or just some pretentious d-bag who likes dressing in tight clothing? Hell, some days I think I’m a little bit of column A mixed with column B with a generous helping of column C on the side.

My agent is whispering under his breath that brand recognition and loyalty is a stone-cold pain in the keister to build. Helpful hint, kids. Don’t mutter under your breath around supers. Even if we are on the low end of the power scale (as I am), our senses are usually heightened. I won’t mention some of the names I’ve heard myself called when people think I can’t hear them (most of the time from my father-I did mention I had a therapist, right?).

Let’s veer away from my name and the inevitable suck-spiral it creates, shall we? So, what to expect from this blog? I guess it will serve as some sort of online journal for my adventures, random thoughts and, let’s be honest with each other, a forum for me to complain on. I’ll probably have some guest posters. Most likely other supers you probably haven’t heard of, but who do important work (at least we like to think so).

Be ready to laugh, cry or be annoyed.


Next time: Origins


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